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General Electric

Look for $GE

With social investing, you’re able to avoid most investing risks. It’s quite simple. I think you’ll agree it sounds reasonable:

  • never invest after reading that the market just peaked or recorded historic highs – wait a week or a month and invest on a red day (the bottom)
  • pick a Popular Investor you like:
    • with annual returns as per your expectations – anything above 10-15% is great!
    • with a risk score of your liking – below or equal to 5 – the lower the better
    • with a drawdown you feel comfortable with – 10-20% per year is pretty good
  • only invest the amount you can afford to lose – it’s unlikely to happen but it’s a matter of your emotional comfort
  • never invest into stocks by yourself if this is your first time

All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up with eToro
  2. Deposit $500
  3. Pick a Popular Investor you like and trust
  4. Wait for your profit a few days / weeks / months (depending on current market conditions)

Sounds good? It is.

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Imagineer turned entrepreneur. Social investor. Powder skier and wave kitesurfer. Amateur salsero. Opinions my own. Not investment advice.

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