The second year of a new bull market prospects

“History never repeats itself but it rhymes” Mark Twain Happy birthday Bull Market of 2020. It’s been a year since the bottom and an incredible rebound. Now it’s time for the second year of the bull run which historically has been also pretty good. According to excellent insights from LPL Research, “Even after those historic one-year gains (in 2009),Continue Reading

The U.S. share of the global economy in time

Check out this infographic from Visual Capitalist. Take away: diversify, diversify, diversify! ETFs excluding US assets beating both S&P500 ($SPY) and NASDAQ ($QQQ) year-to-date (as of March 22nd, 2021) with far lower volatility: $VXUS – Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund ETF $IEUR – iShares Core MSCI Europe ETF These diversification ETFs are available onContinue Reading

Podcast summary: expect S&P500 returns of 3-5% per year for the next 10 years; diversify with ETFs outperforming S&P 500

Investopedia Express / Podcast / Mar 8 2021 / Length: 28 mins“Staying Grounded as Yields and Prices Rise” This is one of my favorite investing podcasts. Informative and even entertaining. In the recent episode, Savita Subramanian, a strategist at Bank of America, talks about what she sees in the months ahead as economies reopen. TLDRContinue Reading

Week 11 in markets: March 11th-21st

What a #weekinmarkets! S&P500 hitting all-time high to plunge the next day to a (second)worst day after a new high in 20 years! Mr. Market really hates tech stocks at the moment! This week: WINNERS Consumer Defensive 0.44% Healthcare 0.35% Utilities 0.34% Real Estate 0.27% Communication Services 0 LOSERS Industrials -0.49% Technology -0.88% Financial -1.58%Continue Reading

eToro is going public on Nasdaq raising its credibility among users

eToro, the world’s leading social investment network, is to become publicly traded on Nasdaq. This will significantly raise its profile among individual investors. And when it comes to money, trust is everything. Yoni Assia, CEO and Co-founder of eToro, confirmed it today in an email to all 20 million of its users. Watch a CNBCContinue Reading

Sign up with eToro to easily copy successful investors and multiply your money in time

All financial advisors and the US government agree that saving by investing in stocks results in compound interest multiplying your savings in time. You just need to pick the right portfolio and give it time. All you have to do is: Sign up with eToro Deposit $500 Pick a Popular Investor you like and trustContinue Reading

$500 is now enough to have a diversified stock portfolio on eToro

In order to avoid unnecessary investment risk, you need to have a diversified asset portfolio. Experts say a minimum of 20-30 stocks spread out across multiple industries make up a diversified portfolio. Challenge: buying just one (1) share from each company might be very costly because each share costs at least $100-$150. Microsoft shares costContinue Reading

Set long-term investment goals for best results

It’s simple: compound interest requires several years to multiply your savings. The more the better. It also helps to add a certain amount monthly. “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” – Warren Buffett. If you invest for 50 years just as Uncle Warren you have a good chance of becoming a multi-millionaire orContinue Reading

Social investing is about auto copying portfolios of successful investors

I believe investing in the stock markets with a diversified portfolio is the best way to multiply your savings over time with compound interest and build long-term wealth. That belief is shared by most financial advisors and investment professionals. Financial independence or early retirement are only a question of time in the market, low riskContinue Reading


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